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Sidewalk Maintenance Reminder

As the weather breaks and pedestrian foot traffic increases, the Borough would like to remind residents that it is the adjacent property owner’s responsibility to maintain sidewalks and mowing strips to eliminate any potentially hazardous conditions for pedestrians.

The following conditions are considered hazards and sufficient cause for requiring repair/replacement of sidewalks or curbs:

  • Uneven slabs with a height difference of 1/2 inch or more
  • Cracked or gapped surfaces 1/2 inch or wider
  • Broken, pitted, or disintegrating surfaces
  • Bent, rusted, or unfastened grates or metal coverings over drainage pipes

Please be courteous to your fellow residents of Zelienople Borough and inspect your sidewalk. Please repair and replace your sidewalks as needed to help avoid tripping hazards.

To report a sidewalk that is in need of maintenance, please submit a request here.