Stormwater Informational Center

Stormwater refers to rainwater and melted snow that flows over surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and rooftops, rather than soaking into the ground.  As it flows, stormwater can pick up pollutants like oil, pesticides, and litter, posing a risk to water quality and ecosystem health.  Proper stormwater management involves implementing strategies to control and treat runoff to minimize pollution and reduce the risk of flooding.

Educational Resources:  

Stormwater & Its Impacts
Homeowners Guide to Stormwater
Stormwater for Kids

Floodwater Management and Mitigation:

In July 2019, the Borough completed a comprehensive Stormwater report regarding the unnamed tributary that flows from the community park area through town and discharges in the Connoquenessing Creek. This tributary was the focus of the flooding problem that we experienced this year. The results of the study were in some respects very revealing and we adjusted our stormwater plans accordingly to take this information and the situation into account.

The plan was redone, in part, to do the following:
  • Remove Tree obstructions that have fallen in the stream (Completed)
  • Identify the private property obstructions in the stream and notify property owners to be aware and remove them. (In process)
  • Plan for a large Stormwater retention facility above the park property to hold back water. (In process to allow for permitting applications and funding acquisition)
  • Discussion with PennDOT as a possible partner for stormwater controls (Meeting held, and good discussions ensued)
  • Linden Street Culvert replacement is planned (Completed)
  • There are additional stormwater upgrades identified and will be budgeted as is possible in the future.
In addition, the Borough administration has been a willing participant in regional stormwater management discussions with future planning as a goal. These discussions have begun and will continue to take place to insure we have a regional approach to stormwater management.  Stormwater management and flooding mitigation are a critical concern for the Borough, and we will continue to do our best to provide a safe community for our residents and businesses.

Southwest Butler Stormwater Authority FAQ's
Flood Map
Proposed Stormwater Improvement Plan
Butler County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Additional Flooding Resources:

Flooding in Zelienople has caused hardships for many people as well as financial difficulties.  The Borough declared an emergency on May 29, 2019 in order to facilitate recovery and in the future possible funding opportunities.  The resources below explains what an emergency declaration means and what it can or cannot do. 

PA Damage Assessment  
Stream Maintenance Booklet
Damage Assessment & Small Business Assistance
Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Maintenance:  What You Need to Know to Take Care of Your Property
Flood Waste & Cleanup Resources