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Sign Ordinance Reminder

Sign Ordinance Reminder
The Zelienople Zoning Ordinance states that political signs throughout the Borough shall be permitted for a period of 12 weeks before an election and shall be removed five days after.  Political signs shall not exceed four square feet of sign area per sign.

Political signs shall not be placed in Four Corners Park, Zelienople Community Park, or any Borough owned property.

Attaching signs to structures, poles, objects, etc., by means of chains, cords, rope, wire, etc. is prohibited. Signs placed in violation of this ordinance will result in immediate removal of the sign.

There will be some exceptions for local non-profit purposes, fundraising, etc.  IF there is prior approval of the content and duration.

There will be no long term or for-profit signage allowed.

Please submit any requests in advance to the Borough Manager's office.